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Tri-County Farm Fresh Produce is an organization of local farms offering produce for sale directly to the public through u-pick and farm stands in Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah counties in Oregon. We strive to provide the highest-quality nutritious and delicious farm-fresh produce throughout the year to the residents of our area - and to do so in a manner that's healthful not only for those who enjoy our fresh produce, but for our beautiful environment, too.

Tri-County Farm Fresh Produce

Ah summer here in Northwest Oregon. Now that we’re stuffed with all the strawberries we could eat and the heat is sending the plants into repose, it’s time for blueberries, orchard fruit, and an amazing array of vegetables. As the familiar kid’s chorus, “But I’m bored” begins to fill the air, it’s great there is so much fun to be found at our area farms for the whole family: picnic grounds, petting zoos, kids’ farm camps, art classes, dinners, family fun days and music concerts! Here’s a big bundle of activities for you and your family this August at our member farms. Check for individual farm updates on tricountyfarms.org because these farms come up with more great activities all the time!

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20th July 2017

The days get longer and warmer and suddenly the fields are filled with amazing Oregon produce ready for u-pickers and for market shoppers. One of the delights of this time of year is all the great family farm opportunities. You’ll find picture-perfect picnic grounds, petting zoos, kids' farm camps, art classes, dinners, family fun days and so much more activity! We can hardly keep track of it all -- but we’re doing our best!! Here’s a big bundle of activities for you and your family this June and July at our member farms. Enjoy the farm fresh family fun!

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6th June 2017

Summer is just about here! Bees are buzzing around the raspberries, blackberries and cherries, and the farmer’s days are running long. Right now the farms who raise nursery stock for your garden are brimming, and by the middle of June there will be lots of berries and all the fresh, locally grown produce that make this time of year so tasty.

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27th May 2017