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Tri-County Farm Fresh Produce is an organization of local farms offering produce for sale directly to the public through u-pick and farm stands in Washington, Clackamas and Multnomah counties in Oregon. We strive to provide the highest-quality nutritious and delicious farm-fresh produce throughout the year to the residents of our area - and to do so in a manner that's healthful not only for those who enjoy our fresh produce, but for our beautiful environment, too.

Tri-County Farm Fresh Produce

AHH, the beauty of the fall season!

The orange pumpkins are waiting in the fields for you to pick. You’ll find many varieties of winter squash, apples, and freshly-pressed apple cider, plus beautiful decorative corn and gourds. Many of the farms have activities this time of year with hayrides, animals, mazes, and other fun things to do.  Dress for the weather and have a fun outing with the whole family.

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5th October 2016

Summer is here and the time is right not just for dancing in the streets but also for canning up your favorite in-season summertime foods! Tilton apricots and Bing or Lambert cherries are both great canning varieties. Peaches are already in full swing -- the first ones are "full cling" varieties like Red Havens, great for fresh eating, but a short time later the "cling free" or "free stone" peaches are ripe for canning. Gravenstein apples ripen in August, are a great variety for apple sauce. Don't forget the tomatoes, green beans and pickling cucumbers, three of the most popular vegetables to put in a jar. Some other ideas are red beets, peppers, zucchini relish, and salsa too.

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18th July 2016

It’s berry season!
Another early season -- it’s already time for raspberries, marion blackberries, boysenberries, blueberries, and so many more that we can’t list them all here! Many farms offer u-picking, and most also have ready-picked berries for you to purchase.
More than berries…you’ll find 100's of other farm fresh products at over 60 locally owned and operated farms. Use our handy search tool to find a farm near you. Simply click the word FARM at the top of the page, enter your location and the type of fruit or veggies you’re looking for.
Visit a local farm and shake the hands that grow your food!

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18th June 2016