Time for CSA registrations at Snowline Tree Farm

As I look outside this morning it’s snowing, but that doesn’t change the fact the calendar says it is time to think of spring.

Now is the time to sign up for Summer CSA baskets from Snowline Tree Farm. But just what is a CSA?

A CSA is an arrangement between the farmer (me) and the end consumer (you). You agree to subscribe to our farm for the season and in exchange you will receive a certain number of baskets of fresh produce weekly. This lets you have some of the freshest produce possible while letting me have a more even income flow. It also lets you know your farmer, where and how your food is grown. While not certified organic, we grow our produce using natural practices.

What we do: Our subscription runs from mid June – October with a winter basket that includes a Christmas tree and wreath/garland during our U-Cut season. Normal seasons are about 20 baskets. There is also the possibility of a couple small spring baskets with greens. We deliver the baskets to designated pickup locations/times every week (exceptions are spring baskets and winter basket). You also have the option to come visit the farm and pickup your basket. Our current drop-off locations are Molalla, Canby, Oregon City and Clackamas. If we get enough subscribers we will add drop-offs farther out. It takes 8 subscribers to add a new drop (full shares count as 2 subscribers)

What’s in a basket: Each basket contains fresh produce (picked that morning) of what was ready for that week. Most all baskets will have lettuce or a salad mix, greens, flowers or herbs, and then several items of other produce. We typically try to have 7-12 items in each basket. Early season baskets will have greens, peas, broccoli/cauliflower, turnips and beets. As summer progress so do the baskets; while keeping salad and greens we add beans, cucumber, summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, corn, eggplant, melons and finally pumpkin and squashes as they come ready. As they are available we put in the occasional container of fruit or eggs. And even an occasional jar of home canned goodies (optional to receive these). Spring baskets tend to be lighter while they later summer baskets are larger as we add the bigger and heavier produce. If you’re a canner we have canning shares that can be added on or if you want to learn to can we’ll arrange for you to come up and I will teach you what I know about canning. You can also order specific produce separately for canning if you want and we will deliver it with your regular share.

What else do you get?: Our farm is always open to our subscribers, you can come up to visit for the day, take a walk through the woods, have a picnic by the ponds or stick your hands in the dirt and help with some planting or even harvest your own weekly basket to take home. We like to be able to share what we do, especially with the kids. They love to go out to the chicken house and gather eggs to take home or pull their own carrots to wash off and crunch on as they walk through the garden.

Costs?: A full share CSA subscription is $575 for the season. A ½ share is $325. That includes the seasons baskets delivered to your chosen drop off location. There are add-ons available such as a canning share, extra portions and an egg share (20 dozen eggs). There are also discounts for picking your basket up at the farm and agreeing to do some work on the farm with the weeding (limited amount available). Full shares are typically enough for a family of 4 while a 1/2 share is enough for 2 adults. Note: if you are a vegetarian or heavy vegetable eaters you may want some extra produce.

For more information or to get the registration form email us, denise@snowlinetreefarm.com You can also sign up and pay through localharvest.org although we don’t have the discounts added into that system. Even if you don’t sign up for a CSA make plans to come visit us in the summer. We offer hay rides through the farm, picnic areas and fresh vegetables for sale.

Hope everyone has a great day, I'm off to go play in the greenhouse and get a few things started

Tri-County Portland Oregon Area Farms Guide
Tri-County Portland Oregon Area Farms Guide
Tri-County Portland Oregon Area Farms Guide
Tri-County Portland Oregon Area Farms Guide
Tri-County Portland Oregon Area Farms Guide
Tri-County Portland Oregon Area Farms Guide

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