Tri-County Farm Fresh Produce

Happy New Year from The Tri-County Farm Association!

As farmers, herders and ranchers, our lives are busy before the sun comes up until long after it sets. Our expertise is the flocks and fields; the markets and groves. The Tri-County Farm Association handles the promotion and builds the customer and future-customer awareness we don’t have time to do ourselves in our farm-days. And, with Tri-County’s economy of scale, the combined dollars of members accomplish more than any one farm could on its own. Tri-County is your bang for the buck.

To all of our members, we thank you and we are proud to reflect on a year of serving you very well in 2020. It was a challenging year, although many of our member farms report an increase in sales and public interest. Now is the time to join hands with other farmers in our area to mutually promote one another as we rise to the opportunity to meet the growing demand for local farm products in our tri-county area.

If you are not a member but operate a farm in Washington, Clackamas or Multnomah County, and you sell from your farm as a stand or u-pick with at least 50% of sales coming from items produced on your farm, please join us!

In 2021, the TCF Board has decided to host an online Spring Seminar Series for members in lieu of our Annual Tour & Dinner. We have arranged for hosts from several organizations of relevance and look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

The additional benefits your farm receives from membership with TCF include:

  • Website FarmFinder listing
  • Printed farm guide listing
  • Printed guides to share with your customers
  • Access to our collective Crop Update email list
  • Promotion in printed advertising
  • Facebook & Instagram spotlighting, post liking and sharing
  • Networking opportunities with fellow local farms

Membership is $350 annually and the deadline to join us is February 15, 2021.

Consider your annual advertising budget as you consider a membership with our cooperative marketing organization. A Tri-County Farm membership could be your most valuable promotion expense for 2021.

To join or to discuss more details, please email us at info@tricountyfarm.org and one of our volunteer farmer members will be in touch soon!

8th January 2021