U pick Blueberries, Currants and more and Fresh picked Blueberries

Morning Shade Farm

8345 South Barnards Road, Canby, OR, USA

Berry Farm-503-651-2622 ; Nursery-541-543-7566

[email protected]


Morning Shade Farm is open now for U-pick blueberries (duke and early blue), currants (black, red and white), and gooseberries!   All U-pick berries are $2.40 per pound.  We are open Wednesday through Sunday from 8 am to 3 pm.  U-pick raspberries, sylvans and logans will be available June 28 and marions and boysenberries will start about July 1.

Fresh picked blueberries will be available starting June 28 and can be ordered for pickup at  http://www.morningshadefarm.com or by calling the farm and  leaving a message at 503-651-2622.  Fresh picked prices are $32 per 10 lb bag (about 13 pints of berries), or $31 each bag for 100 lbs or more, $30 for 300 lbs or more, and $29 for 500 lbs or more.

Morning Shade Farm is located at 8345 S. Barnards Road, 7 miles south of Canby (30 miles south of Portland).  We have buckets to pick into with plastic bag inserts to take berries home in, or you can pick into your own containers. See a google map at Morning Shade Map.

Berry Nursery – we have a very large selection of blueberry, other berry plants, and fruit trees in 1, 3, 7 and 15 gallon containers. Nursery sales are by appointment only by calling or texting Micah at 541-543-7566. The nursery is located just west of the main farm behind a rental house at 8301 S. Barnards Rd. Canby.

See our Tri-County Farm listing at http://www.canby.com/morningshade