Bays Family Farm

Tri County Farm Fresh


14550 NW Bays Drive
Banks, OR 97106

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Phone: 503-324-0261

Open Dates and Times

9 am to 6 pm Summer hours. We will not be open every day. Please call before coming out to make sure we are open.

About Bays Family Farm

We have many varieties of peaches, nectarines, apples, plums and pears available for U-Pick in season. Fruit trees can be picked mostly from the ground. We also have Christmas trees available for u-cut, when in season. Call for availability and open days. Location: Go to the north end of Banks, from the Shell gas station go due west on Cedar Canyon Rd for 1/2 mile. Follow the signs to our farm.

We try to answer the phone or keep the phone message updated while fruit is in season.

We always recommend calling the day you plan to come out to make sure we are open and if you plan to come in the late afternoon you probably should call and double check in case we ran out.

Update August 24, 2019

Closed for Ripening.

Update August 22, 2019

We are open today 9 am to 6 pm.

We are currently out of ripe peaches

Still to Ripen

New Improved Elberta


Nectarines are done for the year


We still have very ripe Shiro plums and have started picking Hollywood plums.


Arkcharm, Akane Redfree, Summer red and Red & Green Gravenstein apples are available for U-pick.


We are picking Bartlet Pears now.

We have a number of honeybees in the fruit in the trees. We recommend anybody allergic to honeybees have someone else pick for them.


The West side of our Orchard, as of today, is protected by a deer fence. It's not yet completely fastened and the deer will just walk around it, but it is a start.


Go to the north end of Banks. From the Shell gas station, go due west on Cedar Canyon Road for ½ mile. Go straight up the gravel driveway at the first hill. Follow the signs to our farm.

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