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25th August 2019 - Hot Weather Pause-Reopen beginning August 30

Aren't we having a beautiful summer! Here's a fruit basket picked from our orchard.

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23rd August 2019 - Late summer bounty - berries, blackeye peas, peppers, eggplants, and more!

Late summer harvest is on, and it is a good time to visit!

For u-picking at West Union Gardens there are ...

  • Fall raspberries through September
  • Triple Crown & Chester thornless blackberries (past their peak but still fair picking most days)
  • Late-season blueberries, winding down but so sweet!
  • Blackeye peas are just right for picking the next several days - fresh blackeyes are such a treat!
  • Peppers - sweet gypsy, jalapenos, anaheims
  • Eggplants - Japanese and Italian types
  • U-pick flowers

It is a good idea to check the daily update at www.westuniongardens.com, or call the day you are planning to come picking, as occasionally we need to close a variety for ripening.

23rd August 2019 - U-Pick Tomatoes and Canning products

Hello everyone we are u-picking our own chemical free tomatoes, they are .75 cents per pound and $1.10 lb. for ready picked. we also have in stock for canning the following items, take a look and give us a call if you have any question at 503 659 4169

21st August 2019 - Thursday is Last Day of the season for Peaches! Customer Apreciation day We pick for free!! Also wagyu/ angus calves, reserve now.

Thursday August 22nd will be our last day of peaches for the 2019 season!! To thank our customers for a wonderful year we will "pick for free" Thursday morning! This means we will offer our 10 lb. picked flats for our u-pick price of $1.50 a pound. The deal is on full flats only, they will be $15 each from 8am until we run out! (at least 12) They will be veteran peaches and they are wonderful this year! If you would still like to u-pick you are welcome too, price is still $1.50 a pound. Thanks for a great peach season!! Call 503-678-5227 or find TK Orchards on facebook for any peach info.

20th August 2019 - Last week of Apple and Pear Harvest

Greeting from Jossy Farms!

This is the final week for Apple and Pear Harvest. We will be open Thursday Aug. 22nd and Friday Aug 23rd from 9 am until 1pm and Saturday Aug 24th 9:00 until 2:00 pm. We will be open for Red Clapp and Bartlett Pears, Gravenstien and Early Gold Apples. We still have a lot of fruit for picking. If you have not tried our apples and pears, they are at the perfect ripeness for picking making them taste better than others. Red Clapp and Bartlett Pear are excellent just to eat and can store in refrigeration for a few months.Bartlett’s are the best canned pear. Early Gold Apples are my favorite apple for eating, I say it tastes like an apple should, they are also great for drying.Gravenstein apples are the best apples for pies and applesauce and great for hard and fresh cider.

18th August 2019 - Sherwood Orchards Weekly Update

Hours for the week will be listed at the bottom of this update.

We will open for Bartlett pears $1/lb U-pick on August 19 at 9 a.m. Bring clippers to cut the stems. Special pickers are available for picking Bartlett pears that are higher in the trees.

18th August 2019 - Farming with Grace - August at Our Table

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about how we farmers can feed our communities in a way that celebrates the rest of Creation - something I call "farming with grace". Scientists use the word agroecology to describe a method of farming that combines innovation with tradition while working with nature rather than pretending that we can control it. This is very much the philosophy we employ at Our Table...

18th August 2019 - Sunflower Festival

On our scenic hillside with views of our farm, forest, and the Tualatin Valley, the sunflowers are blooming! At our Sunflower Festival you can admire the view, take photos, and enjoy all the beauty of a working farm.

16th August 2019 - Honeycrisp season opens at Bells Orchard

Honeycrisp apples are ready for picking. We always look forward to the arrival of the Honeycrisp apples every year. We will begin picking this favorite variety on Saturday, August 17. Apples will be $2.00/lb. this year. We are open 10-5 Tuesday through Saturday.

16th August 2019 - Juicing, Smoothy, and Baking Blueberries Sale

Morning Shade Farm is having a sale on very sweet, medium to small grade Liberty blueberries for only $20 per 10 lb bag. These are great for making juice, jam, pancakes, muffins, and smoothies, or just eating fresh! There are no synthetic sprays on the berries. We also still have our regular grade blueberries (Chandler and Aurora) for $24 per 10 lb bag or $22 per 10 lbs for 100 lbs or more.