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We have an Angus steer that is ready to be processed. We figure that this steer should hang out at 700 plus lbs. We have 4 quarter shares or 2 half shares that are open for purchase. $3.90/lb hanging weight. 1 quarter should be approx 175/lbs. and you should get back around 50 to 55% of that back in meat and you can also have the bones for broth. Estimated cost for the quarter share would be $682.50, processing fees would be around $130 which is paid to the butcher upon pick up. This steer will be going to Ben's Custom Meats in Dayton Or. Once all shares are spoken for we will make a date. We do ask for a deposit to secure your share and that can be done on our website.

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The Pierce Family Ranch

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News posted: 14th March 2017