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Hello everyone, Justy here from Justy's Produce and Flowers, summer is racing by quickly and before you know it many of the great seasonal fruits and vegetables will be gone for another year. Now is the time to do your harvesting and food preserving for the winter. We have many items in stock to help you in this task, below is a list of the more popular items people like to "put up" for the winter. If any of it interest you please give us a call we would like to talk to you.

Canning tomatoes $14.99 20 lb. box

Tilton apricots $19.99 20 lb. box

Desert King figs $2.99 lb.

Blueberries, #20 lb.+ $2.00 lb., already picked,

Italian prunes $1.49 lb.

Ginger Gold apples, 25 lbs. or more .79 lb.

Sierra Rich peaches #24 lb. box $19.99

Basil and parsley .50 cents per bunch ( pesto and parsley time)

Bagged Red beets

Beautiful fresh cut dahlias, zinnias, statice sunflowers and more. Everyone needs a bouquet of fresh cut flowers in the kitchen while they are canning all their produce.

Justy's Produce and Flowers

7924 S.E. Lake Rd

Milwaukie Or. 97267

Ph. 503-659-4169 ( if you have any questions about the produce please call this number for most timely response instead of emailing me questions, thank you).


News posted: 11th August 2017