Easter Hams and beef




The Pierce Family Ranch


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If you are scrambling around looking for something to cook for your Easter dinner this weekend we still have hams left. These hams are frozen and fully cooked and smoked with Applewood. Regular price $5.29/lb. on sale for $4.75/lb. Sizes left are as follows:

3.69, 4.89, 5.16, 5.19, 5.64, 5.81, 6.02

These hams are bone in and the leftovers will make an amazing pot of beans soup, split pea soup or your favorite soup that you make. With the chilly wet spring weather that we have been having there is nothing better than a steaming hot bowl of homemade soup.

We also have lots of beef. All our beef is grass fed and during the winter Alfalfa that is raised locally here in Carlton. We have Wagyu/Angus and we also have Angus. We sell variety packs

10 lbs. $100

25 lbs. $245

50 lbs. $450

These variety packs are 50% ground beef 25% roasts 25% various steaks.

All my meat that I sell in my store is USDA certified and I also have a USDA license.

We will also have plenty of steers to harvest this fall. Most of them being the Wagyu/Angus.

Go to our website and check things out.

Happy Easter

The Pierce Family Ranch



News posted: 12th April 2017