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Fathers day is this weekend and we are going to have fabulous weather for having a BBQ for your favorite dad, Step dad or father-in-law. I will be at the Tigard Farmers Market this Sunday on Burnham St in old town next to the fire station from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm. This is a great market that has lots to offer to complete your meal or Fathers day shopping. If there is anything that you want for your BBQ please email me and I will bring it. I have plenty of Rib steaks, T-bone steaks, hamburger, Pork chops and pork steaks, chicken whole or half and eggs that will be packed into my cooler but I do bring limited stock to the market. If you want you can email me and I will have your name on it and you will be sure to have it when you come and pick it up. Please remember that my meats are frozen so if you want it for dinner that night or afternoon come early and it can be thawed out by the time you have your BBQ. There is nothing better than pasture farm raised meat to spoil your favorite dad with on Fathers day!

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News posted: 16th June 2017