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The Pierce Family Ranch


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We had 60 fryers harvested this morning. I have put some of them in the refrigerator. Some are whole and some are halved. $4.95 /lb for whole and $5.60/lb. for a half. These fryers are pasture raised and supplemented with a Non-GMO grower feed. They range from 4 plus to 5 plus pounds each and the halves range from 1 plus to 2 plus lbs. They are in a bag that actually freezes very well and will keep nicely for up to 1 year. I am still enjoying chicken that is in my freezer from last year. No freezer burn. These chickens are great for the BBQ, roasting and baking, cut up for your favorite chicken casserole or chicken tacos/fajitas. There is lots of tender and juicy meat on these chickens and the bones make a great broth for your favorite chicken soup or chicken and dumplings. If you buy 5 or more whole fryers they are $4.50/lb. 10 or more $4.25/lb. I have just a limited amount that are in the fridge but if you speak to late that's ok, we have plenty of them that are in the freezer! Hurry up and don't miss out on this batch but if you do, that's ok, I have another batch going in 3 weeks. I am anticipating that this next batch of chickens are going to be smaller and if you would like to reserve some from that batch send me an email and we will put your name down for some. No deposits on chicken unless you want to order 10 or more.

We also have our freezers full of USDA Wagyu/Angus. We sell in Shares, Variety packs and single cuts of meat. Check out our website for prices or email us for the single cut prices.

All our meats are USDA certified and we carry a USDA license for selling the best meat that we can offer to the public.

The Pierce Family Ranch

Newberg/Sherwood Or.




News posted: 5th April 2017