Fresh pasture raised Fryers




The Pierce Family Ranch


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Took in second batch of fryers to be processed this morning so the freezer is filled again with pasture raised chicken. These chickens have been on fresh spring grass and supplemented with a GMO free chicken grower that is milled locally in Philomath Or. Once you have a taste of this amazing chicken you will not buy from the store again! These chickens are weighing between 3 to 5 pounds. You can purchase whole chicken $4.95/lb. 5 or more $4.50/lb. or 10 or more $4.25/lb. If a whole chicken is to much for you not a problem! I have plenty of them halved for $5.50/lb. I have 8 whole fryers and 6 half fryers that I will keep in the refrigerator until Thursday April 27th if you would like to have fresh. The rest are frozen. Email me or go to my website to order your fresh pasture raised chicken!

The Pierce Family Ranch

Newberg/Sherwood Or.



News posted: 25th April 2017