Pasture Raised Chicken




The Pierce Family Ranch


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If you like big plump and juicy chicken I took a load in this morning. Most all of them are in the 5 plus to 6 plus pound range with a few that are over 7 pounds! 10 of the 49 chickens I put in the refrigerator and will be there until Friday morning. First to speak up are the first to get them. $4.95/lb. 5 or more $4.50/lb. 10 or more $4.25/lb. These chickens have been moved daily onto fresh spring grass and given a GMO free grower feed. They are tender and juicy and are perfect for your summer BBQ, rotisserie or Fried Chicken! NO antibiotic or hormones. I still have plenty more in the freezer and do also have some halved chicken for $5.60/lb.

News posted: 7th June 2017