Pasture Raised GMO Free Pork


Shares available


The Pierce Family Ranch, Newberg/Sherwood , OR.


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If you are looking for some pork to fill up your freezer for the winter months The Pierce Family Ranch would be happy to help you out! Our pigs run free on pasture, garden trimmings and also given a GMO free grower. They are happy and healthy pigs. We offer shares by the half and whole. They are scheduled to go in the end of October and early November. Don't miss out on this chance for some great tasting pork to enjoy thru the winter months. There is nothing better than sitting down for dinner with pasture raised no feedlots ever pork. We do not use hormones or antibiotics on our animals so you can be reassured that this is as natural as it gets. You also get the choice of how you want your share cut and wrapped, how thick you want your chops, how many per package, what size you want your roasts, bacon, sausage, hams, the list goes on! If you have never ordered meat like this and not sure how you want things done we would be more that happy to help you out on this. We use butchers that are local. You can have your choice of using Ben's Custom Meats in Dayton or Marks Meats in Canby. Just let us know and we will mark you down for what butcher that is most convenient for your needs.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity for some pasture raised GMO free pork to place on your plate and enjoy.

The Pierce Family Ranch

Newberg/Sherwood Or




News posted: 7th September 2017