Pasture riased pork shares special sale!


Ready in October


The Pierce Family Ranch, Sherwood , OR. 97140


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Are you looking to fill up your freezer space with some pasture raised and GMO free pork? The Pierce Family Ranch can help you out with this! We have 5 pigs that will be going in end of October and early November. These pigs have been on grass all summer and are supplemented with a GMO free pork grower feed. Estimated hang on these pigs are going to be around 220 to 250 pounds plus. We sell these for $4.50 lb. hanging weight and usually the customer is responsible for the cut, wrap, smoke fee and kill fee but here is the savings, we are going to pay for that for you! You will still be able to give your cutting instructions to the butcher on how you want your pig cut up and how many steaks per package. All you will have to do is pay $4.50 pound hanging weight on the pig, give your instructions to the butcher and pick it up when it is ready.

We sell by the half or whole pig shares!

Check out our website at thepiercefamilyranch.com and place your order before its to late

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News posted: 3rd October 2017