Pature Raised GMO free Pork


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The Pierce Family Ranch


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The Pierce Family Ranch is taking orders for our GMO free pasture raised Pork. We sell by the half or whole $4.50/lb. hanging weight. Should hang out at around 200 to 250 lbs. hanging weight for whole pig. Pigs will be ready to go in this fall and scheduled to go in end of October . We use Ben's Custom Meats in Dayton Or. He does a great job with cutting and smoking. Buying a share is a great way to customize How you want your order to be. If you have never purchased a share and not sure about cutting instructions we will gladly help you out with any questions and the butcher will as well.

Is a half of pig is to much for you? Find a family member or friend and see if they would like to share a half or we may be able to help find one for you.

We also sell Pork variety packs here at the ranch in our store. All USDA certified and ready to take home for your freezer or BBQ.

Our pigs are pasture raised and supplemented with a Non GMO pig feed that is milled locally in Philomath Oregon at Mosiac Farms.

We do ask for a deposit to secure your share of Pork. $150 for whole, $75 for half.

The Pierce Family Ranch

Sherwood Or




News posted: 17th March 2017