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The Pierce Family Ranch


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Our first Farmers market is starting this Sunday at the Tigard Farmers Market in Tigard on Burnham St. in old town. We will have coolers stocked with hamburger, various cuts of beef, chicken, pork sausages and eggs. Market starts at 9 am and is over at 1:30 pm.

We have another batch of fryers that are going in next Tuesday April 25th. $4.95/lb. If you want 5 or more $4.50/lb. or 10 or more $4.25/lb. Fresh? Not a problem, let me know and we can put them in the fridge for you but they will need to picked up no later than Thursday April 27th. These chickens are free range on fresh green spring grass and bugs daily and supplemented with a GMO free grower feed that is milled locally from Philomath Or. Average weight is 4 1/2 to 5 lbs.

Our freezers are well stocked for the summer season of hamburger and various cuts of steaks packaged 2 steaks per and cut 3/4 inch thick. Great for the BBQ, family gatherings and camping.

All our beef is pasture raised and during the winter months feed Alfalfa that is grown locally in Carlton Or and USDA inspected. No hormones, No Antibiotics or grains are feed to our cattle.

The Pierce Family Ranch

Newberg/Sherwood Or.



News posted: 18th April 2017