U-Pick Grapes and Open House Sunday


Dawn-Dusk Daily


Sauvie Island Lavender Farm 20230 NW Sauvie Island Rd Portland, OR. 97231


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Self-serve is OPEN at Sauvie Island Lavender Farm!

What is available for u-pick this week?Chardonnay Grapes are ripe and ready.For the first time ever, we are offering u-pick Hosui Asian Pears. AND there still is a bit of a second bloom of two English varieties of lavender, Silver Frost and Royal Velvet if you need a small bouquet.

How to Pay:

Bring $5 and $1’s to pay at the self-serve pay box.The farm is not staffed this time of year.We provide u-pick bags, cutting tools, and buckets.


Fill a grocery bag of grapes or pears for $5. Pick a small bouquet of lavender for $2. Dried lavender bouquets $5.

Special Event:

The farm will hold an Open House Sunday (9/10) from 1pm-3pm.If you are looking for property, this may be the one for you.This income producing property comes with the u-pick lavender field and the following fruits: raspberry, marionberry, mulberry, kiwi, Gravenstein apple, four pear varieties, Shiro yellow plum, and figs.

Special Orders and Lavender Products:

SHOP ONLINE for all of our farm made lavender products like soaps, lotion, oils etc.

Do you need a large amount of dried lavender bouquets? Call Julie at 503-577-6565.


Just 3.5 miles from the Sauvie Island Bridge.Follow the Lavender Farm sign.

20230 NW Sauvie Island Rd Portland, OR 97231

News posted: 9th September 2017