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Our freezers have been restocked with USDA, GMO Free, Ranch Raised Pork! This includes bacon, peppered bacon, ground pork, sausage, roasts, pork chops, ribs and hams! Check out our website for variety pack pricing and cut availability or contact us if interested in single cuts.

We plan on restocking the freezers with USDA, GMO Free, Ranch Raised Wagyu/Angus beef in February so keep an eye out for more cuts available. There are still plenty of choices to choose from and we always have plenty of ground beef on hand. Check out our website for current cuts available and pricing on the variety packs.

As of January 1st, 2017, we had a few price changes in our products. Our eggs are now $4.50/dozen and our chicken fryers (due to be available in the spring) are now $4.95/lb. All of our chickens are pasture raised and supplemented on GMO free feed. Also, our pork shares, which we are now accepting pre-orders for the fall, are now priced at $4.50/lb hanging weight. These are available in 1/2 or whole shares.

We are accepting pre-orders for turkeys as well for Thanksgiving this year. They are $4.50/lb, pasture raised and supplemented on GMO free feed.

We do have Wagyu/Angus beef shares available for purchase, 1/4, 1/2, or whole shares. At $4.10/lb hanging weight, this meat is tender and has a great taste.

Check out our website for more information on our products, pricing, and availability of cuts or if you have any questions.

Stay warm and safe out there!

The Pierce Family Ranch

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News posted: 10th January 2017