4th of July Special




Justy's Produce, Milwaukie, OR. 97267


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Product update from Justy's Produce and Flowers

12 pint crate Blackberries $29.99

12 pint crate Raspberries $37.99

12 pint crate no spray blueberries $29.99

26 lb. box Robada apricots $34.99

Rainier cherries $1.99 lb.

Seedless Watermelons .39 lb.

Walla Walla Sweets .99 lb.

Our organic Green Leaf and Romain lettuce

Beautifull fresh cut flowers

Justy's Produce and Flowers

7924 S.E. Lake Rd.

Milwaukie Oregon 97267

Ph. 503 659 4169 if no answer leave message i will call right back

Open Monday - Saturday 8am. til. 6pm closed on Sunday. We will be open on the 4th

News posted: 1st July 2019