Beef Harvest Update!




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Good afternoon!

I am sending out this email to give a quick update on our beef availability.

Since the quarantine started, we have been working hard to keep our customers supplied with beef. At this point, we are taking orders for our August 24th harvest, which is already almost sold out. We will be having harvest dates September through December as well. With how fast our harvest dates have been selling out, I thought I should give everyone a heads up that they might need to make reservations further in advance than normal. I have been updating a banner located at the top of our website with when the next harvest with available shares is.

We have also been receiving a lot of requests for ground beef and the last two ground beef harvests have pretty much sold out before I picked it up from the processor. We had a harvest last weekend for just ground beef. I anticipate it being ready to pick up next week. If you would like to reserve a box of ground beef, please visit our website to order it. There is a link below for our website. As soon as I hear from the processor that it is ready to go, I will update everyone that have placed orders.

We hope that you and your friends/family are staying safe (and sane) during this challenging time. We are doing our best to observe social distancing protocols during our beef pick up days. Our last pick up day seemed to be a success, with people either staying in their vehicles while I quickly loaded their boxes, or with me setting boxes off to the side for people to load themselves while being able to maintain their distance.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you!!

Amanda Hoyt

All Natural Meats

Soggy Feet Enterprises LLC



News posted: 6th May 2020