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2021 Harvest Dates


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We hope you and your family are safe and healthy as we enter this new year!

2020 was quite the roller coaster, and while it appears the ride is far from over, hopefully with the information learned about the virus in the last year and the release of the COVID vaccine, the pandemic situation will slowly start improving. While we experienced many negatives last year, one positive thing for us was meeting and providing beef to many new families in the Pacific Northwest when stores were facing supply challenges. Having a food shortage is never good……. but in always being optimistic and looking for the positives in any situation, we are seeing that those shortages have encouraged people to turn to their local family farms, neighbors, and friends in their search for more dependable food sources and have seemingly helped to rebuild a sense of community that has been slowly disappearing.

In the past we have typically sold out for each of our scheduled beef harvests within a few weeks prior to the date. With higher demand due to people now looking harder for local sources, we are seeing an increase in orders, causing us to sell out months in advance rather than weeks. Because of this, we are informing our customers that they may need to plan well in advance for when they will be ready for their next beef share. With our online ordering system, advanced reservations can easily be made for any harvest date scheduled throughout the year by simply specifying when you would like your order ready to pick up on the reservation form. Knowing that local processors would be in high demand going forward, we secured harvest dates for each month of 2021 and into 2022, ensuring a steady supply of beef year-round, barring any unforeseen events like last years wildfires which forced us to temporarily delay some of our fall harvest dates.

At the beginning of 2020, we had planned to implement a small price change to our beef shares. Our prices had not changed in years and we had been trying to absorb our cost of production increases for as long as financially possible, rather than raising prices. Then the pandemic hit, and we just did not feel right implementing a price change during such an uncertain and stressful time for so many. Due to added costs associated with the new sales tax Oregon implemented last year, on top of other increased production costs and our desire to continue providing our customers with a reliable source of high-quality beef, our beef share prices will be increasing by $0.10 starting March 1, 2021. Our ground beef box prices will remain the same. We will honor our current pricing for any advance reservations placed for whole, half, quarter, and eighth shares prior to March 1st, for any 2021 harvest dates. Reservations placed after March 1st will be billed at the new rate.

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue sharing the same safe, sustainable, high quality products our family grows and consumes with you, from our farm to your table. To better serve our customers and provide more flexible pick-up options, we are in the early planning stages of building a small walk-in freezer here at the farm! Having a freezer will allow customers the freedom to pick up their beef orders from the farm at their convenience rather than being restricted to a certain day and time. We look forward to sharing progress updates in the coming months! We are also working on adding new ordering options to our website to streamline our ordering system. Stay tuned for website updates as well!

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to keeping your freezer full!

Amanda & Kyle Hoyt

All Natural Meats

Soggy Feet Enterprises



News posted: 22nd January 2021