Beef Shares


Availabe until sold out


The Pierce Family Ranch, Sherwood , OR. 97140


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Looking into purchasing a share of beef? We have 2 quarters or 1 half that is available for our November 6th harvest date. If you are not familiar with our beef we raise a Wagyu/Angus cross beef. It is all pasture raised. No grains or growth hormones are ever introduced to our cattle. They graze year round on pasture and in the winter when grass is scarce we feed locally raised grass hay and alfalfa. If you have never heard of the Wagyu breed of cattle, they are a breed that was established in Japan, they are the same breed where the Kobe beef comes from and has more natural marbling without having to feed grain, the fat that is in this breed is a more healthy fat and will have minimal impact in raising cholesterol levels.

If you order a share you will get to talk directly to the butcher on how you want to customize your share that best fits your needs. We use a local butcher in Dayton that has been in the butcher business for over 20 years. If we sell out for this date and wish to order a share we also have another date set for in December.

Interested in getting a share of our amazing beef that we raise? You can visit our website thepiercefamilyranch.com or email us at thepierceranch@gmail.com

The Pierce Family Ranch

Newberg/Sherwood Oregon



News posted: 21st October 2019