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We have a steer scheduled to go in this week and there is a quarter share still available for purchase. Our beef is a Wagyu Angus cross breed and is pasture raised. No feed lot, no growth hormones and no grains are ever introduced to our cattle. Just grass and locally grown hay when grass is scarce in the late summer and winter months. This steer could hang out at about 650 to 700 pounds so a quarter would be around 160 to 180 pounds. We charge $3.50 pound hanging weight, that does not include butcher fees. You get the choice of how you want to customize your share to best fit you and/or your family's needs. We usually ask for a $100 deposit for a quarter of beef but since it is so close to the date we will waive that.

If you have never tried our beef before and would like to check it out, we have a farm store here at the ranch and I also attend the McMinnville Grange Farmers market on Saturdays and this spring at the Tigard Farmers Market.

Visit our website or email me at thepierceranch@gmail.com for more details or if you have any questions.

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News posted: 7th January 2020