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Spring 2020 Harvest dates


All Natural Meats / Soggy Feet Enterprises


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At All Natural Meats, we believe growing your own food should be a fun, healthy, family-oriented endeavor. Knowing that not everyone has the resources to grow their own food, we are grateful for the opportunity to share the same safe, sustainable, high quality foods our family grows and consumes with you, from our farm to your table.

Our beef is certified 100% grass-fed and grass-finished from cattle that are never given growth hormones or fed grains, antibiotics, or animal byproducts. We offer our beef in a variety of share sizes. Whole, half, and quarter shares are cut and vacuum packaged as per your orders. Eighth shares come as a standard variety of steaks, roasts, ground beef, and specialty cuts.

We are taking orders for our Spring 2020 harvest dates, with our first date coming up the beginning of February. Shares from that harvest will be ready to pick up the end of February/beginning of March.

You can visit our new website at www.allnatural-meats.com to learn more about our farm, philosophies, and ordering. Contacting us directly with questions is always welcome too!

We look forward to filling your freezer soon!

Amanda Hoyt

All Natural Meats


News posted: 9th January 2020