Bells Orchard Temporarily out of Peaches, Bartlett Pears Begin Tuesday Aug. 6


Tuesday, Aug. 6


Bells Orchard, Beaverton, OR. 97007


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All of our peaches have been picked for the time being. We will be closed Saturday, Aug. 3 and reopen on Tuesday, Aug. 6 with Pears that are ready to pick. The Bartlett pear crop may be the best we have ever had. The pears are beautiful this year. We also have Moonglow pears that are ready to be picked.

Just as a reminder, pears are picked green and ripen off the tree. The best ripening method is to refrigerate them for a couple of days and then put them in a room temperature location for another 2 or 3 days. The Moonglow pears can take even longer. So when you come to pick pears realize they won't be ready to eat for 5-10 days. They are worth the wait!

We still have Veteran and Elberta peaches ripening on the trees. The Veterans should be ready in about a week and the Elbertas a week or two after that.

We look forward to seeing you in the Red Barn next week.

News posted: 2nd August 2019