Blueberries, Apples, Asian Pears, Figs, Green Beans, and More


Wednesday through Sunday from 8 am to 3 pm


Morning Shade Farm, 8345 S. Barnards Rd. Canby, OR. 97013


This newsletter was posted 49 days ago. The data contained within it may no longer be applicable. Please contact the farm directly if you are unsure

Morning Shade Farm is open for you-pick Blueberries (Olympia, Brigitta, Darrow, Nelson and Elliot) for $1.90/lb. At the farm stand today (Sunday August 8) we have organically grown Wynoochee and Gravenstien apples, figs, green beans, cucumbers, kale, chard, beets and squash. U-pick hours are 8 am to 3 pm Wednesday through Sunday (closed Monday and Tuesday).

U-pick organically grown apples, pears, plums and Asian pears start in another week. Grapes and hardy kiwis start in September.

Picked Blueberries are available now by order. Please enter orders for ready-picked blueberries at www.morningshadefarm.com or by calling 503-651-2622. We will have drive through available for picked blueberry order pickup. Price is $25 per 10 lbs (13 pints) fresh packed in freezer ready, zip-lock bag (cleaned of stems, leaves, soft and green berries). Orders for 100 lbs or more are $24 per 10 lb bag, and 300 lbs or more for $22 per 10 lb bag. Best to bring a cooler to transport your bags of berries home in.

Frozen blueberries from this year's harvest are also available in 10 lb bags - 4mil freezer, zip-lock bags for the same price as our fresh blueberries. No ordering required - pick up during u-pick hours or other times by appointment.

Raw Honey - $9.50 per pint and $18 per quart.

Vegetables - (tomatoes, squash, beans, kale, corn, pumpkins and more) all 100% organically grown will be available at the farm stand and for u-pick at various times through the summer. Currently we have squash, kale, chard, beets and green beans.

Blueberry Juice - %100 juice is available for $8 per quart.

Homemade Fruit Popsicles in several flavors are available all summer.

Morning Shade Farm is located at 8345 S. Barnards Road, 7 miles south of Canby (30 miles south of Portland) in a peaceful country setting with picnic tables and flush toilets and hand washing facilities. We have containers available to pick into (2 gal buckets with a plastic bag insert) or you can bring your own containers. We accept cash, checks, and WIC/FDNP food vouchers. Credit and debit cards are also accepted. Please bring face mask for checking in and out at the farm stand. Sorry no dogs allowed. See more information at www.canby.com/morningshade

News posted: 8th August 2020