Christmas beef variety pack sale


Til December 22rd


The Pierce Family Ranch, Sherwood , OR. 97140


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Struggling with finding the perfect gift for that special someone that has everything? The Pierce Family Ranch is having a sale on the beef variety packs that just might help you out with your dilemma. We have 10 pound beef variety packs and 25 pound beef variety packs. The 10 pound is regular price $100 on sale for $85 and the 25 pound variety pack regular price $245 on sale for $210. These packs contain 50% ground beef, 25% various steaks and 25% roasts.

We also have 1 quarter beef share that is available for purchase that is going to Ben's Custom Meats in Dayton December 28th. This is a Wagu/Angus and it is going for $3.50 pound hanging weight. Steer is estimated to hang around 700 pounds so the quarter share would hang around 175 pounds. This does not include the cut and wrap.

You can go to our website or email to place your order.

Merry Christmas

The Pierce Family Ranch



News posted: 14th December 2017