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Mason Hill Orchard, North Plains, OR. 97133

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Mason Hill Orchard's self service apple stand has already picked Jonagold, Mutsu, Melrose, and now Criterion apples in 5 lb, 10lb, & 20 lb handle bags and 40 lb bushel boxes. We also still have a few 40 lb boxes of #2 apples of mixed varieties for people wanting to make cider.

Jonagold a firm, crisp, slightly sweet, tangy eating apple red orange in color. If used for pies will hold its shape. Excellent apple for drying.

Mutsu a large greenish slightly tart apple good for apple sauce, pies, or eating. It also goes by the name Crispin.

Melrose a large red apple very crisp, juicy, and spicy in flavor making its a superior desert apple. One of the best keepers for those wanting to store apples.

Criterion a very hard crisp apple that has a snap when you bite into it's mildly sweet flesh. It is yellowish green in color.

We are farm #42 in the Tri-County Farm Guide. We are just 2.5 miles North of the Sunset Hwy take exit 59 Jackson School Rd follow the apple signs. Questions 503-647-5669

News posted: 10th October 2018