CSA Sign ups and Farm Dollars


open until May 1st.


Snowline Farm, Molalla, OR. 97038`

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Now taking CSA registrations for the 2018 Season. Baskets are picked up every week at Molalla Farmers Market and are fully customizable. You choose your basket from the available items at market each week. We will add a drop in Oregon City if there is enough interest. Molalla Farmers Market this year runs June - September. There is an additional 2 baskets after market is done and a Christmas tree during the farms u-cut season. CSA Shares this season are $350.

Don't want to commit to a weekly basket? Try our Farm Dollars. Pre purchase at a discount then use whenever you want for whatever the farm produces (with the exception of hanging beef). Farm Dollars are good until December 31st and are sold in increments of $20. They can be used at Molalla Farmers Market, Snowline Farm, our new Thomas Creek field or through email orders.

Visit our website for information and a downloadable registration form or email the farm direct with questions. denise@snowlinefarm.com

You can also find the farm on Facebook.



News posted: 26th February 2018