Dahlia Tubers




Justy's Produce, Milwaukie, OR. 97267


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Hello everyone Justy here from Justy's Produce and Flowers, I hope all is well on your side of the fence, we are all healthy so far and working hard preping for another season. Planning on opening around June 1st. or so, we have dahlia tubers for sale now, they are $2.00 each, negotiable for quanities. We have aprox 30 varieties left to choose from all make excellent cut flowers many of the flowers can be viewed at our website: www.justysproduce.com

Contact us at Justy's Produce and flowers

7924 S.E. Lake Rd.

Milwaukie Or. 97267

Ph. or text 503 659 4169


News posted: 20th April 2020