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Dec 2021


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Frosty Chicory

It's said that we are what we eat but knowing what to eat seems to have become a rather complex question nowadays. For most of human history, children learned what to eat from their communities in cultures that developed very specific place, and season-based cuisines. Think about that for a second -- we literally need community in order to know what to eat! Today we have broken those links in the name of "freedom" and "choice" which certainly has some advantages, but the reality is that all too often we are only given the freedom to choose between multiple unhealthy, poor, and destructive options foisted upon us by giant multinationals. The solution is to know your food and the people that produced it. At Our Table, we invite you to come on down to the farm so that together we can figure out what to eat!

Support local by skipping the online giants and big box stores this holiday season! Independent stores all over town have fantastic gifts made by local folks. Here's my promise to you - no local store is going to use your hard-earned dollars to send its owner on a rocket-ship ride to nowhere!
All of us here at Our Table, hope that you and your loved ones have a joyous holiday season full of love, grace, and deliciousness!


Chef Jasmyne and her crew have an amazing menu of holiday dishes (including complete meals) with appetizers, main dishes, sides, and desserts to make your holiday gatherings a snap. Pre-order now online or come into our store to place your order. Pickup will be on Dec 22-24.

Holiday meals and sides


Sign ups for our 2022 CSA are now open! CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is people like you, investing in local farms like us. Subscribe for a weekly share of the abundant harvest: veggies and fruits straight from local farms. You come to the store, choose what produce your family needs, meet farmers and neighbors, and support your local community.



Have you heard about our community fundraiser for the covered pavilion we're hoping to build in early 2022? This is going to be one awesome space for gatherings of all kinds (happy hours anyone?), education, and more. Thanks to you, we've raised just over 50% of the funds already! We need your help to get us to the finish line. I hope you will consider a donation of just $25 if that's what you have capacity for. More is always welcome of course, but every little bit counts! You can even make tax-deductible contributions here!

Pavilion Fundraiser


We are hosting a series of community bake sales to help raise funds for holiday meals and bags of fresh organic groceries for local families. Our Sherwood and Wilsonville school district partners are helping identify households in need, and just like last year, we're rely on volunteers like you to help bake the goodies! Learn more here. This year we want to raise $4,000 to provide meals and groceries to 40 families. We've already raised $2,400 so come on down to the bake sale on Saturday to get some delicious goodies for a good cause!
Bake sale dates: Sat, Dec 11, and Dec 18 from 12-3pm


Our store will be closing at 2pm on Dec 24th. We will also be closed on Dec 25th, Dec 26th, Jan 1st, and Jan 2nd.

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News posted: 6th December 2021