Doom & Gloom from inside the Smoke Plume


Fall 2020


Our Table Cooperative, Sherwood, OR. 97140


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There is no doubt that 2020 has defied all expectations. As I write this, 45 minutes past sunrise, it is almost completely dark outside due to the massive amounts of smoke from wildfires. Although the farm has been spared the worst of the impacts, some of our staff and many of you have not been so fortunate. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is on the frontline of the multitude of disasters this year has wrought.

With all the literal and figurative smoke and obfuscation, it's difficult to see signs of abundance and resilience and yet, they are all around us. At Our Table, we are driven by a vision of a resilient and interdependent local food culture. 2020 has proven that this vision is not only possible, but very desirable. The pandemic has shone a harsh light on the inherent fragility of our industrial food system. In March and April, large grocers had bare shelves but we had little trouble procuring staples like flour from local mills. Nationwide, there was a huge surge in demand for Community Supported Agriculture and other farm-direct schemes reminding us that when communities come together to tackle problems, magical things can happen. We were reminded that farmers and food-system workers are truly "essential"; our incredible staff worked harder than ever to feed our local community, and you responded in kind with unwavering support and generosity.

2020 is likely not quite done with us yet. Wildfires and other climate-related disasters, deep-rooted social and economic injustice, an ongoing pandemic, and our depressingly divisive politics are all testing us in ways we never imagined. It all feels overwhelming and impossible and we cannot predict what will happen, but we can say for sure that a better tomorrow is only possible if we work together as a community. Please hang in there...


In-Person Shopping
Although we had hoped to re-open our store for in-person shopping by now, the risks remain too high so it is unlikely that we will be able to welcome you in person any time soon. We miss you but are grateful for the opportunity to help feed your families through our online store and CSA. Our farm quite literally cannot survive this pandemic without your ongoing support so please continue to shop online and stay in touch.

Pumpkin Patch Cancelled
We have decided to cancel our pumpkin patch this year. However, our kitchen will be preparing many of the goodies we usually serve during our pumpkin patch for you to enjoy at home. Follow us on Instagram @OurTableCooperative to get the latest updates.

Stocking Up for the Holidays
We are planning a major event in late-October or early-November: a one day only "farmers market" style affair allowing you to stock your pantry for the winter with lots of items available in bulk at discounted prices. Watch this space for details...

Nutrition Education
We have partnered with local nutritionist and educator Estefanía Llaneza García to create a series of informative and family-friendly blog posts on healthy eating. This series is available in both English and Spanish and includes food and nutrition activities for kids.

PDX Co-op Collab
All four of the Portland area food cooperatives (Alberta Co-op, Food Front, People's Food Co-op, and Our Table) have started what we hope will be a long-term collaboration to strengthen our local food system. Called the PDX Co-op Collab, it will help bring the best our farmers, ranchers, and food producers have to offer to your local co-op. A big launch is planned for October so stay tuned...

Mr. Eggplant says stay safe!

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News posted: 14th September 2020