Easter Hams


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The Pierce Family Ranch, Sherwood , OR. 97140


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Easter Hams!!!

Easter is just 2 weeks away and if you have not got decided what you are having for your Easter dinner, we have Hams at our farm store waiting to be a part of your Easter celebration or for any meal for that matter for $5.29/lb. These hams are frozen and bone in so left overs will make a delicious bean or split pea soup for later. These hams are from pigs that were raised at the ranch. The pigs were pasture raised and fed a GMO free pig food and enjoyed the country life. The hams were smoked at Voget Meats Inc. in Hubbard. They have the best by far smoked meats that I have ever tasted. The bacon that we got from them is spectacular. They have been in business for over 60 years and are noted for their German style of smoking and processing meats. We have a wide variety of sizes of hams starting at 4 pound range all the way up to 9 pounds. Contact us if you would like to have a ham. We also have many other cuts of pork and beef in our store freezer ready for purchase. Send us am email or give a call to reserve your ham for your Easter dinner or for any meal that you want!

Life is Short - Eat High Quality and Healthy Meat - You deserve the best of both worlds!

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News posted: 19th March 2018