Edible and Plantable Christmas Gifts!




Morning Shade Farm and Berry Nursery, Canby, OR. 97013


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A 10 pound bag of sweet blueberries or a potted berry plant make a great Christmas gift, or a blueberry or apple pie will be a highlight of your holiday feast. We have 10 pounds of frozen blueberries in ziplock freezer bags for $24, organically grown apples for $1/lb, and a large variety of 1, 3 , 7 and 25 gallon potted blueberry plants, 3 gal potted kiwis, elderberries, and grapes, and several varieties of 1 gallon raspberry, strawberry, marion, boysen, thornless blackberry, loganberry, and black and red currants. Have a great holiday season and see more information about Morning Shade Farm and Nursery at www.canby.com/morningshade

News posted: 20th December 2017