October 25-27


Blooming Junction Farm & Garden, Cornelius, OR. 97113


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There are only 2 days left for our fall clearance sale! Take 40% off ALL PLANTS! This is the perfect time to get quality plants for a great price that will transform your garden for years to come. Let our knowledgeable plant staff help you find the plants that will thrive in your garden. Sale ends Sunday 10/27 and excludes mums, pansies, ornamental kale and cabbage, fall baskets and special orders.

Halloween is right around the corner! Our fall festivities will be open for only one more weekend. Bring the whole family to pick out a pumpkin, stroll through our 'sugar cane' maze, drink hot cider, and play games. The kids will love our straw fort and straw maze!

Did you know that we have classes almost every weekend at Blooming Junction? Check out www.bloomingjunction.com/events to see a full list of upcoming classes!

We've just cured our delicious organically grown potatoes including Yukon gold, German Butterball, Red, Terra Rosa, Purple Majesty, The Joker, and Mixed Fingerlings! Priced at only $25 for 40# sack!

Did you know properly stored potatoes can last up to 6 months? Here are a few tips on storing potatoes at home:

-When you take our potatoes home and plan on storing them, be sure to keep them in the mesh bag they came in; this will ensure good ventilation.

-Store your potatoes in a dark, cool, humid location. If you have an unheated basement or cellar they usually work best- 45 to 50 degrees is the best temp. Potatoes, like tomatoes, should not be stored the refrigerator.Easy way to remember- Don't put your "toes" in the fridge :)

News posted: 25th October 2019