Farm dinners and U-Pick


July 2021


Our Table Cooperative, Sherwood, OR. 97140


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The 800lb. gorilla on the farm is climate change. Between wildfires last September, ice-storms in February, and the recent record-breaking heat dome, there is no denying that farming is become more and more unpredictable. These three "events" alone resulted in tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue, sickened our staff, and caused significant damage to our crops and infrastructure. Now we are in a serious drought (with water levels lower than we've ever seen them in our 10 years working this land), plus the looming threat of an even worse wild fire season. In the midst of this ongoing disaster, our local community remains a beacon of hope. In a recent interview, the poet farmer Wendell Berry cautions us against putting "hope too far up in the power structure". The solution is local people, working to protect their local communities from a place of love. True patriots all.

Our on-farm grocery store is now open Tue-Sat afternoons from 1pm to 6pm for in-person shopping! Mornings are reserved for online orders. Friday evening happy hours on the farm are slowly coming back as well - join us 3pm to 7pm on Fridays for delicious hot food and drinks to go or picnic at the farm. Pizza happy hours will be back For the safety of our staff and their families, masks are required indoors while shopping.


Farm dinners are a great way to celebrate the return of communal gatherings! You can buy tickets for individual events or get a great deal on a bundle of all three summer farm dinners!

Our first farm dinner is THIS Saturday, July 17th and will feature our very own Chef Jasmyne Romero-Clark who joined Our Table in early July! We still have a few seats left for this event so don't miss your opportunity to taste Chef Jasmyne's incredible cooking!

Farm Dinners


Our delicious U-Pick blueberries and raspberries are now available! Although the heat wave caused massive damage, the berries have mostly recovered and the picking is abundant! Full details here


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News posted: 15th July 2021