Farm Dollars now on sale!


Through April 10th


Snowline Farm, Molalla, OR. 97038-9710


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It may be cold and snowy out today but it's time to start thinking about the upcoming season. It will be here quicker than we think. This season instead of CSA subscriptions Snowline Farm is offering Farm Dollars. You pre-purchase farm dollars as you would a CSA, but you then have total control over when and what you spend it on. Start in the Spring with some plants for your garden or patio, use them through the summer for picked produce, u-pick produce, pickles, breads or anything we sell at Thomas Creek Produce & Molalla Farmers Market. Use them at the Pumpkin Patch at Thomas Creek Produce this fall. If you have anything left they can be used for greenery or a Christmas Tree during our U-Cut season on the farm. The more you buy the more you save. $100 Farm Dollars is $90 - $200 Farm Dollars is $175 - $300 Farm Dollars is $255 - $400 Farm Dollars is $330 and $500 Farm Dollars is $400. Choose your denominations $10-$15-$20. You can use each voucher over several visits. They can be used at Snowline Farm, Thomas Creek Produce, Molalla Farmers Market or anywhere Snowline Farm is doing an event. Available now through April 10th. Click on the farm link and send a message for more details. or you can email direct to denise@snowlinefarm.com

And yes, that was this morning as I was finishing up chores. Still snowing this afternoon. Doesn't feel like I should, but I'm off to plant peppers.

News posted: 4th February 2019