Final Days of Fall - Ugly Apple Sale


Oct. 15-17


Bells Orchard, Beaverton, OR. 97007


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Ugly Apple Sale – Final Days of Fall!!!

We will be having our final fall apple sale on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (October 15-17).  All apples will be .50 per pound.  It even looks like the weather is going to cooperate and provide 3 beautiful Fall days!!



We close the season each year with our Ugly apple sale.  These are all the apples that are still on the trees.  They are generally small and most of them are blemished in one way or another.  We have had almost zero insect problems this year so none of them have worms but they will need to be peeled to remove the skin blemishes and then they will be great for all sorts of uses.


These apples will all be great in pies, cobblers, apple sauce, apple butter, apple crisps, dried apples, apple breads, cider  just to name a few things.


These are the varieties available – Fuji, Jonagold, Gala, Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Winesap



There are no pears to harvest. 



There are no peaches to harvest.



All apple varieties $0.50 per pound


We accept cash, check, cards and (of coarse) ApplePay



Monday – CLOSED

Tuesday - CLOSED

Wednesday - CLOSED

Thursday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Friday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Sunday - CLOSED



Please do the following to help everyone remain safe:

                     Wear a mask

                     Wash hands before picking

                     Don’t eat while picking

                     Pick what you touch

                     Stay at least 6 feet away from others

                     Form a line outside when checking out


Bring your own boxes or use ours.

Please no pets


See you at the Red Barn.


Listed below are all our varieties in the order they become ripe.

The items listed in red are currently being picked. 


Peaches  (all gone for 2020)

Rising Star

Red Haven

Golden Jubilee

Star Fire

Early Elberta


All Star


Blushing Star(White peach)

Sweet Cap(Donut peach)

Late Elberta








Granny Smith



Pink Lady


Pears (all gone for 2020)








Orchard Etiquette. 

Please consider the following when you come to pick.

                     Please leave pets at home.  No matter how well behaved your pet may be, it is likely that others, particularly children, may be afraid of it.  We strive to have a place children feel comfortable and appreciate your help in this way.  Please leave pets at home.

                     Please pick where directed.  There may be fruit in other areas that looks appealing to you.  There are many reasons we specify where to pick.  Please pick only in the designated picking area for the day.  We don’t mind at all if you walk through other areas in the orchard but we ask that you only look when outside of the designated picking area.

                     A portable toilet is provided.  It is the only appropriate place to use the restroom.

                     Your children may notice a play structure and trampoline in our back yard.  We are not able to allow customers to utilize these toys.


We encourage you to forward our email to family or friends.  Anyone who wants to be added to the email list just needs to send a request to info@bellsorchard.com.  Besides the email list, other ways to know what is available in the orchard is by liking us on Face Book at ‘Bells Orchard’, Instagram @bellsorchard or on our web page at www.bellsorchard.com


We have both u-pick and pre-picked fruit.  However, we do not keep picked fruit available in our store.  If you would like us to pick fruit for you please call one day ahead to place an order.  We will have it ready for you when you come.  We add .25 per pound to our u-pick price when we do the picking.


Remember our orchard is “short” so no ladders are needed for picking.  Children can reach the fruit and assist in the harvest.


News posted: 11th October 2020