Open everyday 8AM to 7PM


Mason Hill Orchard, North Plains, OR. 97133

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Mason Hill Orchard's self service stand is open with fresh picked Melrose, Jonagold, and Mutsu apples along with Asian pears. Our fruit is already picked and available in 5lb, 10lb, 20lb handle bags and 40lb bushel boxes. For cider makers we also have boxes of various varieties of #2 apples at a discounted price. These apples may be small, have blemeshes and just don't make a #1 apple that we put in our bags. These are not windfalls as we never pickup apples that fall to the ground. We are farm number 36 in the Tri-County Farm Guide. We are located just North of the Sunset Hwy exit 59 follow the apple signs to our stand. Questions call 503 647 5669

Below is a fresh picked bin of Melrose apples

News posted: 1st October 2020