Grass Fed, oat finished beef for sale


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Snowline Farm, Molalla, OR. 97038-9710


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We've gotten our steer back from Mt. Angel meats and now have some great beef available for sale.

Currently offering
Ground Beef $6.25lb (1lb pkg)
Sirloin Tip Steak - $10.50lb (1.5lb pkg)
Rib Steak- $13.00lb (1.7-2lbpkg 2steaks each pkg)
Tenderloin - $16.50lb (.7-.8lb pkg)
Liver - $2.50lb (.6-1lb)
All Beef Oktoberfest Sausage - $8.00lb
Comes in regular, spicy or garlic. Approximately 1.4-1.7lb per package
Beef Bones - $5.00 bag

Package weights are all approximate. Final cost is based on stamped official weights. We had everything packaged for 2.

And to go with your beef for dinner we have

salad mix $6.00lb
Cauliflower - $1.75lb
Snap Peas - $4.00lb (works out to $2.00 for a farmers market sized container)
Baby Beets - $2.00 bunch

Chinese Cabbage - $2.00ea

Bok Choy - $1.00bunch

Mustard Greens or Swiss Chard $1.00bunch.

Don't forget about plants, we still have lots of garden starts available. And more still being seeded. Check our Facebook page or the Farms Website for current list of available plants.

We offer no contact pickups and preorders. For Same day pickup please text the farm at 503-333-0168 (not enough cell service for calls)

For next day pickup you can message the farm at denise@snowlinefarm.com, send a facebook message or call/text the farm.

News posted: 15th May 2020