Gravenstien Apples and Bartlett Pears


Friday August 10th


Jossy Farms, Hillsboro, OR. 97124

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Greetings From Jossy Farms

We will to be open Friday August 10 from 9:00 until 1:00 and Saturday August 11 from 9:00 until 2:00. for u pick Pears and Apples The price is 1.25 per pound. This year’s crop is beautiful and makes picking down right FUN!

We have a large crop of the Bartlett Pears (Green and Red) and Red Clapp Pears , Gravenstien and Early Gold Apples. If you have not tried our pears before, now is the time. They are very sweet and juicy. We wait on harvest until the sugar content is just right for picking and then they will soften off the tree for perfect texture. Once picked, the pears will take 10 to 14 days to ripen. They can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 or 3 months before setting them on the counter for final ripening. Early gold apples are sweet and good for fresh eating and drying. They also make a very blonde applesauce. Apples can only be stored for 1 or 2 months in the refrigerator. The Gravenstien apple is a favorite for applesauce and pies due to their firm texture and tart taste. Later in the season they are good for eating they develop extra sugar content and are good for fresh eating. Gravenstiens can be stored for 2 to 3 months in the refrigerator.
If you want to try something new, you can mix pears with the apples for pear-applesauce. The natural sugar in pears allows you to reduce that the amount of added sugar (some say no sugar but not me.)
Our open hours and days for the season will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday .

Please call the recorded harvest line at 503-647-5234, visit our web page (www.jossyfarms.com) or follow us on Facebook.
Conveniently located off of Hwy 26/Sunset Hwy. 18 miles west of Portland and 60 miles east of Seaside.
1/8 miles south of the Sunset Highway at the North Plains exit (#57) and ¼ mile west on Beach Rd.
To get the most from your visit:

Bring boxes to pick into.

Do not bring bags; they bruise the fruit. As a back-up we have boxes on-site It is to sell.

We provide carts allowing you to pick directly into the boxes. Picking the fruit is easy. within reach and does not require ladders.

Cash and check only

Please don’t bring your dog. We strive to keep our orchards very clean and other customers may not love your pet as much as you do!

Pick where we assign you. Not all the crops you see might be ready for harvesting.

We will regularly update you through these emails, our 24-hr recorded harvest line: (503) 647-5234, on our website (www.jossyfarms.com), and on our Facebook page.
We look forward to seeing you soon
Bob Jossy


News posted: 9th August 2018