It's April and change is in the air


April, 2019


Our Table Cooperative, Sherwood, OR. 97140


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April showers are supposed to bring May flowers but to be honest, we were rather enjoying the sunshine! Our first tomatoes are already in the ground (in greenhouses) and we're planting thousands of tender seedlings every week. The fruit trees are all flowering, early blueberry buds are breaking, and on dry days, the bees are busy. It's such a promising time of year!

A drug-resistant fungus called Candida Aurus has the medical world flummoxed. Just like with drug-resistant bacteria, the primary cause is flagrant overuse of fungicides and antibiotics in conventional agriculture. At Our Table, we never use any fungicides or antibiotics, period! In fact, we actively work to cultivate a healthy microbial ecosystem in our soil.

Join us on the third and last Thursdays of each month as we read, watch, and discuss topics of mutual interest at our two book clubs. Complete details here.


We received lots of great ideas & feedback at the co-op annual meeting in February. After much slicing and dicing, we've decided to make the following improvements:
1) Broader selection in the store: You asked for a wider selection of grocery items (including bulk staples) in the store. In preparation, we've changed up the shelving in our store to make room you'll be seeing lots of new products being added in the coming weeks.
2) Buying clubs: We're going to launch a pilot test of two buying clubs for co-op members. We want to give you the ability to order a huge selection of your favorite brands and specialty items at close to wholesale prices. Stay tuned for details...


join our family!

2019 CSA

Your mama was right when she told you to eat your (organic) vegetables. Follow her advice by joining our 2019 CSA! You get to come to the farm every Wednesday and pick up a bag of fresh organic veggies, chat with your farmers, and (during the summer) enjoy fresh wood-fired pizza. We're now accepting SNAP for our CSA - see our website for details.


Pope Francis says that "We human beings are part of the environment. We live in communion with it." In other words, every day is Earth Day! On Sunday April 21st, volunteer on our farm to show your care for the earth at 10am. Then join us for our annual festival to celebrate the earth from 12pm to 4pm. Visit our website for a full list of fantastic activities and partners.


Mom's are the best. Treat your Mom to a very special Mother's Day Brunch this year at the farm. Seats are filling fast and space is limited so sign up now!

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News posted: 7th April 2019