July Beef Harvest


July 8th


All Natural Meats / Soggy Feet Enterprises, Scappoose, OR. 97056


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We have whole, half, quarter, and eighth shares of grass fed and finished beef available for our July 8th harvest! Our cattle are raised naturally, on pasture year round. They are never fed grains, by-products, antibiotics, or implanted with growth hormones. During the winter when our pastures are dormant, we feed grass silage and hay that we grow and harvest ourselves.

Whole, half, and quarter shares are cut and packaged per your instructions. Eighth shares come standard, with a variety of steaks, roasts, specialty cuts, and ground beef. Whole beef shares are $4.10/lb, halves are $4.20/lb, quarters are $4.35/lb, and eighths are $4.50/lb. Those prices are based on the hanging weight (weight at harvest, less the hide, head, legs, and organs) and include all the cutting and vacuum packaging fees.

If you’d like to place an order or have questions, please feel free to contact me or visit our website at www.allnatural-meats.com or facebook page at www.facebook.com/allnaturalmeatsoregon

I look forward to hearing from you!



News posted: 27th June 2019