Last day for Large Ennis Hazelnuts Dried and Cracked!!!


Saturday November 17th


Historic Butteville Store


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Hey everyone this Saturday will be the last day you can get hazelnuts for the season!! We will be at the Historic Butteville store from 9-3 on Saturday. These are large sized Ennis hazelnuts from our orchard in Aurora and they have been dried to perfection. There will be cracker onsite so you can crack them too. Our hazelnut sales were started and are managed by one of our next generation of TK's, our oldest daughter Taryn, she's 5, and decided on for own that she wanted to sell hazelnuts! So if you going to get nuts somewhere why not come out and support a young entrepreneur. We will have bags to take your nuts home in. Hope to see you Saturday! If you have any questions ask us on Facebook, Thanks- TK Orchards

News posted: 15th November 2018