Less Than a Month Left for U-Cut Lavender - Hurry


Daily through 7/28


Sauvie Island Lavender Farm 20230 NW Sauvie Island Rd Portland, OR. 97231


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Short Season for Lavender

  • The lavender u-cut season is in full swing and will be ending July 28th. We are staffed Tuesday – Friday 10-5 and accept cash or cards during those hours. After hours u-cut is available for cash only payment at our self-serve pay station. Bring exact change after hours. We provide everything you need to cut and bundle. Approximately 300 stem bouquet - $8.00
  • Mulberries are ripe and ready on a first come first serve basis.We provide u-pick containers for you.One pint of u-pick mulberries - $3 per pint.
  • Coming soon… Shiro Yellow Plums.

SPECIAL HOURS - 4th of July

  • The 17th annual 4th of July marathon will take over Sauvie Island roads from 6am-noon. We highly encourage you visit after 12pm to avoid traffic. We will be open from Noon-5pm on the 4th.

News posted: 2nd July 2019