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March 2020


Our Table Cooperative, Sherwood, OR. 97140


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The dry weather over the last two weeks has allowed us to get ahead with our early plantings. We've got peas, lettuce, kale, and much more in the ground and ready to grow! In farming, nothing is ever black and white however: the lack of rain could mean water shortages in the summer so we might need your help with some rain dancing soon!

If you live or work close to the farm sign up for our CSA. It's a great way to get a share of the harvest from June through November while supporting your favorite community farm. Learn more and sign up now!

Do you watch a lot of cooking shows and harbor a secret desire to be a chef? Why not join us for a community takeover of Friday happy hour. Last month, co-op members John/Gigi, and Steve/Patty came in and ran two of our happy hours. We helped them with menu planning, ordering, and prep and they got to play chef on Friday night with all the hustle-bustle of a meal service! If you're interested, please contact us. We'll even let you sprinkle coarse salt from two feet in the air on all dishes!

Sat Mar 14th is owner day: co-op members get 10% off all purchases in the store so if you're a member, come on down and take advantage of some of the best prices in town on locally sourced and sustainably grown food. Not a member yet? Sign up today.

CSA 2020

CSA is people like you, investing in local farms like us. Subscribe for a weekly share of the abundant harvest: veggies and fruits straight from our farm. You come to the store, choose what produce your family needs, meet farmers and neighbors, and support your local community. Feel good about what you're bringing home to dinner!


Everyone likes to eat but many of us find it a bit daunting to cook on a regular basis. We just launched a series of hands-on cooking classes to help you make everything from tamales to cheese. Held on Sunday afternoons, the classes include food and drinks and co-op members get 10% off. Full details here.


We've got an awesome slate of events scheduled for the next few months. There's something for everyone so we look forward to seeing you on the farm on a regular basis! Click on the image below for a printable version for your fridge.

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News posted: 3rd March 2020