Open for the season/ Strawberry Sale




Justy's Produce, Milwaukie, OR. 97267


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Justy's Produce and Flowers is now open for the season. To celibrate the new season and to open with a bang we are going to run a Hood Strawberry Sale, 12 full pint crate for only $23.00. You must call in your order this Tuesday or Wednesday for a pick up on Thursday at 12 noon to 6pm June 7th, 2018. we are located at 7924 S.E. Lake Rd. Milwaukie Or. 97267 our phone # is 503-659-4169. We are farm #7 in the Tri County Farm Guide. Also in stock is local N.W. Rainier and Chellan cherries, aspagus and leaf lettuce. Thank you, Justy

News posted: 4th June 2018