Pasture-raised pork and goat meat - individual cuts just into our freezers; 1/2 or whole animals


Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. to noon; and by appointment July and August


Highgate Farm, Molalla, OR. 97038


Highgate Farm Products, 32854 S. Dryland Rd., Molalla, OR 97038 * 503-829-4844 (farm land line please leave a message)

Rod and Patricia Rice

All heritage breeds (American Guinea Hogs and Boer Goats) free ranging on 60 acres of timbered, mixed meadow/pasture browse. We use sustainable farming practices - no chemical fertilizers, grain feeding, or antibiotics. Please call with any questions; updated availability; or if you just wish to come out and visit our beautiful, third-generation family farm.

Currently in our commercial freezers USDA certified meats include:

  • Pork Breakfast Sausage, sugar free; and Goat Chorizo, mild; are both $6 per pound in one pound packages.
  • Whole hogs ready for roasting 21 to 61 pounds are $122.50 to $222.50 ($5.73 to $3.75 per pound).
  • Pork chops, ribs, and roasts $8 per pound in one to three pound packages.
  • Goat chops and roasts $9 per pound in one to three pound packages.

ALSO from our fields:

  • Whole or 1/2 hogs processed to your specifications are $3.50 per pound hanging weight, plus the USDA certified processor's harvest, cut & wrap, and curing fees.
  • Whole or 1/2 goat processed to your specifications are $150 for one year old goat, plus the USDA processor's harvest, and cut and wrap fees.
  • Weaner pigs 25 to 35 pounds to raise on your own - $75 each - two for $70 each.

News posted: 2nd July 2019