Peach Update!!! Wonderful Sun Ripened Peaches


Dixie Gem and New Haven Starting Thursday,. Red Haven and Star Fire and Flaming Fury Start Saturday!


TK Orchards, Aurora, OR. 97002


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Dixie Gem and New Haven Starting Thursday. Red Haven, Star Fire and Flaming Fury Start Saturday! We have a wonderful crop of peaches ready this week, We will be open for u-pick Thursday and Friday 8-6 and Saturday 8-5. U-pick is $1.50 a pound and will have picked flats available for $20 each. The quality is great on all of these varieties and they all work great for canning, fresh eating, or freezing. It really comes down to personal preference as to which of these is the best, if you don't already know which variety you like, come out and get one of each! We have boxes for you to pick into. Please follow signs at the orchard and respect social distancing guidelines! For any other info find TK Orchards on facebook or call 503-678-5227. Thanks we hope to see you at the orchard soon!

News posted: 21st July 2021